Mohamed Salama

Chairman & CEO, MSG Holdings co. Investments

Dr. Mohamed Salama El Shaer, has twenty years Experience in field of tourism, speaks Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. He holds Doctorate of business administration in the major of accessible tourism development from central Atlantic university Delaware USA Current Affiliations
Chairman & CEO of
In Egypt:
MSG Holdings Group – Kafficho investment -Blue waves for investment – Concepts for hotel management – Sand Magic for investment – Hostex textile & uniform.

Member of board of
In Egypt:
Royal Makadi Investment-Ghannaza Company for hotels management – Festival international for investment – Sunrise Hotels & Cruises -Oasis investments- Blue sky travel Group -Bright Sky Travel- Blue sky transport – Sky Limousine

In Germany:
Rise Stern Company

In United Arab Emirates
Sky Max Holidays

In Morocco:
Universal Company

Owner and member of board of Med 2 Heal Egypt -AMC Hospital -Madina Hospital Luxor Founder & Shareholder of MOSAG business development Managing Director of Merge business development consulting co.

ENAT European Network for Accessible Tourism Reprehensive and Contact Point for Egypt.