Heba Hagrass

Member of the Parliament, (Egypt)

Heba Hagrass is an international disability consultant as well as an independent researcher both in the field of disability and gender since 1989. She is an advocate for Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Egypt, the Arab Region, and worldwide since 1989.
She was a board member of the National Council for Disability Affairs (NCDA) in Egypt since 2015 till 2016. Whereas she used to be the head of the Development of disability in Ministry of Social Solidarity.  as a consultant for Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoICT). A founding member of the Inclusive Education Foundation in Egypt (IEF). Worked as a consultant in the field of disability for many international and national organizations such as International Disability Alliance (IDA), Disabled People International (DPI), Rehabilitation International (RI), Save the Children UK, United Nation Development Project (UNDP) in different countries, International Labour Organization (ILO), World Health Organization (WHO), Plan Egypt, Coptic Evangelical Organization for social services (CEOSS), Arab Labour Organization (ALO), and others.
She was one of the CBM technical support consultants to the national disability movement in Pakistan 2013. After the revolution, the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Justice and UNDP Egypt nominated me to be the lead consultant responsible for drafting a National strategy for people with disabilities in Egypt. A member of the committee for drafting the law for the rights of people with disabilities in Egypt in 2010. A member of CBM Germany advisory committee since 2011. A member of the team of experts chosen by UNDP Kingdom of Bahrain to draft the National Strategy of People with Disabilities for the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2010.
A member of the Higher Council for Rehabilitation in the Ministry for Social Affairs as one of two independent experts with disabilities. A founding and executive committee member of the Arab Organization of Disabled People from 1998 to 2008 responsible for women’s affairs. Took part in the drafting of the Convention of the Rights of People with Disability as a representative of Arab civil society. I mainly participated in the drafting of article 6 dealing with the Rights of Women with disabilities and other articles that needed gender sensitization.
Technical Consultant for Save the Children UK in The Social Protection Initiative Project (SPIP) which is run by the Ministry of Social Affairs and funded by the World Bank. Starting from March2004 to March 2005. A board member of the Children with Special Needs Center- a project of the Integrated Care Society from 1992 up till 2001.
19. One of the experts who contributed to the drafting of the Egyptian Code for Exterior Spaces and buildings for the Use of Disabled under the supervision of Population and Building Research Centre in 2000. A member of the Arab Forum for Social Sciences and Health Since 1997. A board member of the Committee for Limiting Disability among Children, one of the Committees of National Council of Childhood and Motherhood from1989 up till the end of its duties 1992.