amena el saie

Amena EL Saie

Co­Founder and CEO, Helm (Egypt)

Amena EL­Saie is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Helm Egypt Foundation, a position she held since Helm was co­founded in 2013 by Ramez Maher and herself. In addition to promoting social inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Egypt, Helm’s team builds partnerships with different stakeholders to break down barriers towards the full participation of Egyptians with disabilities. Whereas Helm’s disability subject matter experts work on providing disability policy solutions for different stakeholders through partnering with the top global consultants in the field. At Helm, Amena manages 18 full­time employees and over 400 volunteers, about half of which are Persons with Disabilities.
Amena was awarded first prize in MIT, Negma competition in 2013, and later chosen by Rise Egypt as one of the top 5 social enterprises in Egypt and joined the fellowship in Harvard. Helm managed to exponentially grow, incorporating nearly 100 corporations and ensuring the accessibility of 300 locations across Cairo in 2015.Amena also co­founded Helm AUC as a graduate community student club in the American University in Cairo in 2012, whereas she had graduated with honors; B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, B.A. in Visual Arts and a minor in Psychology. She has about 6 years experience in the Marketing field whereas she acted as a Marketing Manager in Tatweer and a Creative Art Director for Nubre project by Azza Fahmy.