Bringing together professionals, employers, corporations, persons with disabilities’ organizations, and key thought leaders and policy makers, the Cairo 2016: A City for All is an all-inclusive Conference and showcase featuring the best practices from both national and global perspectives.

The Conference is addressing the theme of Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) for the marketplace, employment, role of assistive technology, and focus on the value to show that Egypt can be the Tourism Destination for All. The Conference will highlight the key stakeholders and their different roles in facilitating effective practices related to inclusive employment and accessible environment. Our Goal is to create an accessible Egypt that benefits everyone.

Conference Outcomes

The main outcome of this event is to build momentum and encourage key decision makers from public and private sectors to take action and create commitment towards an inclusive workplace and accessibility for all. The post-conference plan will create measurable targets, milestones, and tasks for the coming year to track progress. The conference team will work with Egyptian stakeholders to support the plan and support opportunities to create innovative assistive technology solutions.